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Welcome to the home of The Daemonic Legion. This website is the homepage of a large and growing community of people that enjoy the tabletop miniature war game Warhammer. Warhammer is made by Games Workshop.The Daemonic Legion is a specific faction of Chaos that enjoyed an update to its army list, rules, and available models during the worldwide Storm of Chaos campaign. Soon, an updated army book will be released by Games Workshop along with some new models for the range. Here, you will be able to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of this very fun army. You will be able to feast your eyes upon some of the best painted and converted miniatures out there. You will be able to discuss tactics and receive feedback in our forum. We have hundreds of members and are growing all the time. Please click on the links to the left to navigate to the forum, member photo galleries, and useful links.

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We have a huge collection of some of the coolest minis out there but nobody has more than CMON. We are now part of their webring. Click on the banner below to check out some other awesome mini painting and hobby related sites.

Latest News

November 7th 2008
Boy, I'll bet you never thought you'd see another update here. I didn't think I would either. After changing our domain and pointing everyone to the new website I nearly forgot that most of the links on the old page here got broken. Those links are fixed now so you can actually browse through the old site in its entirety. Also fixed a couple of broken links to images. If you are here and actually reading this, well high five to you. Hope to see you on the forums and at the new site!

February 22nd 2008
I hope you can forgive the long time in posting about updates to the site. There have been a couple small ones (like banners added in the links section and others) but to reward you for your patience you will be glad to hear of a major site overhaul. If you haven't heard by now, a new daemon army book is on way in the end of May. The forum has been buzzing with rumors and new ideas for army lists and conversions. Large additions will be made to the gallery (possibly the largest addition yet!), the forum should be getting a new look (hopefully a bit easier on the eyes), and a new skin for the homepage as well. I can't wait!

May 13th 2007
Added the banner for an excellent painting service to our links section. Blue Table Painting is the best place to go for expert assembly, conversion, and painting of your next army or project. Check out their vast gallery and see some really great and inspiring armies. They can get your project done quickly and very affordably. Unless you have an excess of talent and time on your hands, you should give them a try. Also added another hobby article. This time we are making custom bases with tips on magnetizing and finding a use for all those empty sprue's that are collecting in the corner!

February 28th 2007
Oh my, it's been such a long time for any updates. I'm still working on the site though. In fact, I added an actual for reals hobby article to the hobby article section! If you've ever wanted to know how to make Plagueworms of Nurgle then you had better check it out. Please rate the article and leave comments about it as well. I moved Byshe's Khorne army to the featured army page where it seems to be a more natural fit. I also fixed the Chaos Star section. If you're not seeing it, head to Adobe's website and download the updated Shockwave Player. Believe it or not, I'm also gathering up more pictures to make another addition to the gallery. You'll love the new models so keep checking back.

October 2nd 2006
I've finally fixed up the Warvault banner. With the revamp of Warvault I toasted my user account and couldn't create a banner that would let you all vote for us. Now that it's fixed, click on the banner vote for us!

Warvault's Fantasy List

September 22nd 2006
Yet another army on the featured army page. This time Father Nurgle blesses us with Jim Bailey's Legion. This is a really fun army with great colors, quality painting, nice conversions, and a beautiful display base. Check it out now on our featured army page. Use the links up top to get around quicker on that page as it's starting to get quite long.

August 17th 2006
Just added another Legion to our Featured Armies page. This time we have a Khorne Legion by Beowahr. I don't want to ruin it by saying too much, but you're really missing out on one of the coolest Legions ever if you don't go and check it out right now!

August 3rd 2006
Added the banner of Mike Butcher to the links page. Truly a talented guy with some amazing armies. Make sure you check out his Nurgle Legion. Very inspiring!

May 29th 2006
Whew, the update is finally complete. Over 150 pictures have been added and a 4th gallery page is full for your viewing pleasure. Also fixed a couple of banners in the links section that were broken. 

May 21st 2006
Well, it's been a long time since I've posted an update. To make up for that, this is going to be the biggest update so far! I am in the process of posting up in excess of 150 new photos to the galleries. I expect a whole new gallery page and new photos on every existing page. I'll post again when the update is complete, but the first gallery page is already done. Feel free to check it out. There are also a number of new hobby articles in the works so look out for those.

January 17th 2006
Added our first featured army by Bananaman to the site. Added banner for The Daemonic Forces to the links page.

December 10th 2005
Huge gallery updates. Added over 40 pictures and 6 members to the gallery. Gallery 3 is full now! Check it out. Also added partner site link for Convertaholics to our links page.

November30th 2005
Added banner for The Throne of Blood (an all Khorne site) to the links page. Removed banner for Zhar Naggrund. May that site RIP.

November 28th 2005
Added more pictures to the galleries of Trogdor, Khabaldashudeth, HoHotheConqueror, The Avatar, and more. Fixed a couple of incorrectly places pics.

November 17th 2005
Thanks to the kindness of some of our members, we have been able to purchase our own domain! Update your bookmarks everyone, we are now so it should be easier to find and remember our URL. I am now able to exapnd the website and plan on adding a number of photos to the member gallery and added a new Featured Armies page. We will display entire armies in all their glory there.

November 11th 2005
We are now part of a new Webring called The Warvault. This is going to be great people! Go to to check it out and please vote for us! Expect some major gallery additions and other improvements soon. We should have our own domain name by the end of the year as well so the URL will be easier to find and remember.

September 21st 2005
Added link to the top 100 Warhammer sites. Please vote! Added Undivided/Mixed legion article by Gary N. to Tactics section.

September 1st 2005
Added new pictures to the galleries of Beowhar, Bananaman, HoHo the Conqueror, Sexy Beast, Khabuldashudeth, and Trogdor. Lots of great minis.

August 6th 2005
Added new link to the Lords of Loren  forum (woodelf forum).

August 2nd 2005
Added pictures of Bloodletters and Fleshhounds to Trogdor's gallery. Added beastmen pictures to SexyBeast's gallery.

 July 25th 2005
Just added an amazing article by Byshe the Putrid (Byshe the Bloody I call him now) to the Hobby Articles section. A beautiful Khorne army made from unique models and a sound tactical plan. Still looking for more articles.

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